Baraka Hall Prayer Letter:  That's Our God!What a summer this has been! We thank God for His provision, His protection, and for keeping us busy. In the month of May, we ended our “tour” of Georgia, praising the Lord that, for a month and a half, we were able to stay in just one state! God gave us so many new partners while there. (I think the Georgians liked the fact that I turned down an offer to play football for Florida State.) One instance, we had a change of schedule, and it left a Sunday open for us. In the past, we would have moaned and groaned, much like the Israelites. Deputation has definitely taught us that God is sovereign, and His plans are far better than ours. So, we gave it to God and said, “We want to see what You’ll do.” From another pastor’s suggestion, we dropped in at a church. That church “just so happened” to have their business meeting that evening. At the end of the meeting, the pastor mentioned that they didn’t have any missionaries to the Deaf. They made the motion and voted to partner with us that very evening. Yes, that’s our God, and we are incredibly thankful for His increase!

hall1In June we were heading up to New York when God again showed Himself mighty and strong. We recently purchased new tires for our van. In haste, one of the rear tire’s lug nuts was not tightened properly. It was on our way from Virginia to upstate New York that this was discovered. After my wife heard some disturbing sounds, we detoured to a local mechanic. They showed us that not only were the studs stripped bare, but the holes in the rim were completely deformed. The mechanic said going 70 mph down the interstate in a big van like ours, we were “lucky” that not one of the studs had snapped. They would have all snapped subsequently, and there would have been a major accident. Luck? Absolutely not! That’s our God, and we are humbled by His hand of protection!

My wife had her Lasik eye surgery. She once was blind, but now she can see. I want to share a huge blessing about this surgery. The doctor performing the surgery was going to give my wife a half-off discount because we were missionaries, still leaving a balance of $2,390. A couple of churches gave love offerings specifically for my wife and this surgery. When she went to pay the balance prior to the surgery, the office manager told her the doctor said, “No charge!” Yes, folks, that’s our God, and we are amazed by His provision!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. We covet your prayers, as we are hoping to finish deputation by the first week of November. We are starting a “set-up cost” fund for those who would like to give toward our move to Ghana. Our pastor, Dr. Kenny Baldwin, and Crossroads Baptist Church will be managing the fund. More details will be sent out in the upcoming month.

Your co-laborers for the cause of Christ,

The Hall Family