Baraka Hall Prayer Letter:  Rejoicing for Deaf Souls Saved!SUPPORT

We want to take a moment and thank some of our newest partners in reaching the Deaf in Ghana, West Africa. We were blessed to have an opportunity to present our ministry last year to Western Hills Baptist Church in Glendale, Arizona, and Hope Baptist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. We rejoiced as we learned that they voted to partner with us this year.
In March we had such an amazing time with South Knollwood Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, for their missions conference. Pastor Metsinger and members not only spoiled us rotten but also chose to partner with us. We thank God for their heart for world missions and their burden for the Deaf.


In April we were asked to preach and present for Pastor Bruce Kelly’s Resurrection Revival at Deaf Baptist Church in Smyrna, Georgia. While there in the Atlanta area, Pastor Kelly invited me to the Deaf Nation Expo to help at his booth and share the good news. We saw hundreds of Deaf people. I personally was able to share the Gospel with 3 Deaf, and all 3 put their faith in Christ for salvation. We were working alongside the Romans Road group. This is a group of Deaf men who travel to Deaf Expos for the sole purpose of sharing the Gospel. They saw 12 Deaf put their faith in Christ alone. We thank God and rejoice for the 15 Deaf souls who will be able to spend eternity with their Saviour.


We are consistently asked for needs and/or prayer requests. Our one reply is meetings. God is so good to take care and meet our needs. He has taught us so much and has stretched our faith little by little. We truly are thankful for the journey and the process of deputation, but we so desperately want to join our Ghana Team. Please, if you are aware of any opportunities, email me at

Your co-laborers for the cause of Christ,

The Hall Family