Angel Lopez Prayer Letter:  Glory to God for His Blessings!“And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly . . . .” (Romans 16:20)

Being ever mindful of and thankful for your prayers, we are going full swing into this year of 2016 with all of our heart and strength.


ecause of increased attendance, we have restarted old bus routes that were suspended a couple years ago in the villages surrounding Cristo Rey. People from our past who have abandoned us are now seeking us out again; however, everyone needs help to deal with problems in life. To the glory of GOD, we are reaching out again to the people of nearby villages. Unfortunately, decent transportation to the church has been difficult to provide. Please pray about this situation.


Attendance has gone down in our Baptist mission in the town of Santa Catarina Pinula due to sin problems among our people there, but we also know that attendance there will rebound, because all sinners need forgiveness. Please continue to pray for our mission in Santa Catarina Pinula. Pray that God will raise up a permanent, self-sustaining, independent Baptist church in this very needy area.


Our work of soul winning, discipling, and training in the town of San Jose Pinula continues. Please pray for decent transportation to and from these areas. I want to take this opportunity to present a need. If there is any church out there that has a used bus that is not being used that they might be willing to donate to the ministry in Guatemala, please let us know. I will be in the USA for the month of May. I am able to drive the bus from here to Guatemala.


Recently I was diagnosed with glaucoma, but fortunately, the problem was discovered early. Because of rapid and effective treatment, the disease is in remission. Thank You, JESUS! Also, last month my youngest daughter Ruth was suddenly stricken mysteriously with the disease of arthritis. I took her to a local rheumatologist. The cause has been detected, and this disease is also in remission. Glory to God!

I am happy for my daughter Daniela. She is graduating from Bible college. She is the main reason I am in the States to celebrate this special occasion.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement, and support! We love you all. God bless.


Angel Lopez

40 saved
2 baptized