Andy Richey Prayer Letter:  Tears of Joy After Calling on ChristA very hearty thank you to all who lift us up in prayer and support us financially. It is an honor to partner together in pursuit of eternal fruit with faithful and sacrificial servants of our Saviour such as you! Since our last letter, many miles have been traveled, new support has been committed, souls have been saved, young churches we have started are growing, and God is blessing in so many ways.


While out soul winning with Pastor Mike Austin, New Shiloh Baptist Church, God brought our path across a dear lady. Sandra had been meeting with Jehovah’s Witnesses and was very confused, of course. While sitting on her patio, I was able to share the true way of salvation with her. It took some time and scriptural teaching to help her overcome the fallacies of what others had put in her head. After quite some time, Sandra bowed her head and called on Christ to be her Saviour. The tears streaming down her cheeks expressed the sincerity of her decision and reality of her newfound genuine salvation. It never gets old!


When God uses us to have a part in the beginning of a new church, it is a long process of growth and understanding for them. It is needful to be in regular contact to guide, encourage, teach, etc. It is always encouraging when we receive communication from a young pastor like Erick, whose salvation and ministry we have had a part in. This is a church that you have had a part in starting:

When I try to remember how we met I sometimes fail to know God’s plan upon my life and my family. You made me have a reason of initiating a church of true worship and practice in our area. We hereby request that with your faithful prayers you do not forget us and the plans God has for the church here. I am happy that God is using me to reach and save peoples souls. While we are moving round house to house we face various challenges but God is helping us day after another. Therefore may God bless you and your team as you continue supporting Africa churches in prayer. –Erick

While Erick only sees those of our team who go to Africa, you are part of God’s team that makes the starting of soul-winning churches like this possible.

Please pray for Lighthouse Baptist Church of Kilgoris. This is another young church, and they are going though some challenges. The Devil is not happy that there is a Gospel station in a new location. We are helping them through this and trust that God will give the victory!


1. A great start to a new year with souls saved and decisions made!
2. God’s goodness to an unworthy servant!
3. New churches have started supporting our ministry!

Prayer Requests

1. Pray for souls to be saved.
2. Pray for Lighthouse Baptist Church of Kilgoris as they go through growing pains.
3. Pray for new churches to partner with us in our church-planting work.
4. Pray for laborers to join in the harvest.

Your servant for lost souls across East Africa,

Andy & Connie Richey