Andrew Steers Prayer Letter:  Spreading the Gospel Door to DoorIt is always a joy to serve the Lord and experience various blessings that come with that service. We have seen Him take care of personal needs that have arisen in the past few months—all is for His glory.

We just returned from a very brief (six-week) trip to the States. It was obvious that the Lord orchestrated this trip for Laura to get some much-needed answers for her health. We had not planned for her to see a doctor, but the Lord opened a door for her to see her former doctor and get several tests. The tests were fast-tracked due to the short time available. She required a minor procedure in the hospital that eliminated more serious concerns!

I have a few health problems pressing upon me at present: sleep issues, increased muscle pain and fatigue, and shortness of breath. I am undergoing tests with my local G.P. and am scheduled to spend a week in the hospital in Sydney for my neurologist to “study” me. Please pray that the Lord gives the doctors wisdom and grants me restored health.

Regardless of emerging health concerns, we once again have seen the Lord use us in His service. While going door to door recently, I was able to give the Gospel to a few people. A young man named David had always believed in God. Ongoing health issues of his own have made him dependent on prescription medicines and limited his employment opportunities. He had been thinking about eternity recently and willingly accepted the greatest gift anyone could receive. Please pray that he will visit church. Please also pray for Edward and Jenny to trust Christ and come to church. They are an older couple who are contending with their own issues of life.

Thank you again for your ongoing prayers and support.

Sincerely yours, in His service,

Andrew and Laura Steers