Andrew Steers Prayer Letter:  Little Is Much When God Is in It“And they say unto him, We have here but five loaves, and two fishes.” (Matthew 14:17) This is one of many instances throughout the Scriptures that conveys the undeniable principle of God’s taking our “little” and multiplying it beyond measure; hence the hymn, “Little Is Much When God Is in It.” As this new year gets underway at Coastline Baptist Church, we trust the Lord will take our “little” and use it for His glory to reach the lost of Devonport and the surrounding area.

Our church was privileged to host our missionaries to Vanuatu this past week. Brother Jeremy and his family were eager to visit the seasonal workers from Vanuatu whom we have been visiting for the last five years. He was able to speak to several of them in their language, which brought obvious delight to them. With their long work hours, they were not able to attend church. Brother Jeremy did give us some great insight into their culture and some ideas for reaching more of them with the Gospel. Laura and I saw three of the workers saved a few weeks ago, but we are praying for opportunities to reach all of them.

We see the Lord continuing to bring visitors to the church, and some are becoming faithful to the services. Church members continue to be faithful to go soul winning. We are seeing more members getting involved in special music. One of the young men taught himself to play the piano so he can play the offertory. It seems that many in the church are stepping up and offering their “little” to the Lord as well.

Coastline Baptist Church recently began supporting its seventh missionary, Brother Soren Sundaraj. Ours was the last church he visited on his way to serve the Lord in Sri Lanka. It is exciting to see the church enthusiastically supporting missions around the world.

We have requested prayer before for a new property for the church. We were supposed to be out of our present building in December, but we were able to get an extension. Now the final date to be out is February 28. We trust the Lord has a building for us that will accommodate the church growth. Please continue to pray that the Lord would give us just the right building.

Please pray for Carlo, Tasaruru, and Mary Pearl to grow in the Lord. They will be heading back to Vanuatu when the strawberry season is over in May. Please pray for more souls to be saved. Lastly, we would ask that you pray for Laura’s health. As you may know already, she was diagnosed with breast cancer this past December 7. Please pray for healing and that God would be glorified in this situation.

Words will never be enough to convey the deep sense of gratitude for your ongoing support. Thank you.

Sincerely, and all for His glory,

Bro. Andrew Steers