Andrew Steers Prayer Letter: God Giveth the IncreaseI Corinthians 3:6-7, “I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.”

It is a joy to witness so many great things happen in the life of a church, not the least of which is people coming to know the Lord and getting baptized. This is what has unfolded in the life of Coastline Baptist Church during the past couple of months.

Theia, the nine-year-old daughter of Cassandra, who has her own amazing testimony of coming to know Christ, recently asked to be baptized. Although she had attended Christian school and church most of her life, she knew about Jesus but had not been saved. The pastor’s wife explained salvation to her when she was talking to her about baptism. Praise the Lord! She trusted Christ and was baptized last Sunday. During that same service, a young married couple, Josh and Isabelle (parents of four young children) were also baptized. They have been attending Coastline Baptist Church faithfully for several months hitherto.

Of course, the work of the Lord has carried on in others ways too. Nick, a man who has been friendly to several of our church folk for the past couple of years, finally accepted Christ after speaking with a visiting missionary to our church. Except for his moment of salvation, the process of seeing Nick come to know the Lord involved several different members encouraging him over the past few years.

In spite of Laura’s ongoing cancer-treatment challenges, we also rejoice in her being used of the Lord to see a young mother come to accept Christ recently. Her name is Sarah, and she has two children.

Prayer Requests

1. That Sarah will visit church and also be willing to move forward in believer’s baptism
2. That Nick will also begin attending church and accept his need for baptism
3. That we can still reach Anne with the Gospel—she has not answered her door since Laura and I sat down to show her the Gospel a few weeks ago.
4. That Gordan, a dear, sweet elderly saint (85), will not be hindered from his faithfulness to church after having to enter a nursing home—after three falls in less than a week, he is struggling to walk on his own. He has been longing for Heaven for the past several months.
5. That the cumulative effects of this fourth round of chemotherapy will not hinder Laura from reaching the lost and that it will not stop her from attending all services each week. She has an oncologist appointment on April 23. The tumor has visibly begun to shrink, for which we are so thankful. Please also pray for wisdom concerning ongoing treatment. She needs to give the oncologist an answer concerning proposed radiation treatment.

Obviously, the Lord’s work must continue. He has been so gracious and merciful to us, and we cannot help but continue to marvel at His goodness in so many ways. We trust and pray that you feel the same way!

All for His glory,

Bro. Andrew Steers