Andrew Steers Prayer Letter:  Another Amazing Month!Praise the Lord for another amazing month! I had the privilege of seeing an uncle accept Christ, literally hours before taking his final breath! A cousin is relocating to this area and trusted Christ a few days ago. Shane, the man who was praying for someone to show him the truth, has had some improvement in his health and has been coming faithfully to church.

Laura and I had tried to witness to Uncle Rex (85) a couple of times since we moved down here. Each time he was happy to take a tract, assuring us that he would read it, but he did not want to hear the Gospel. In the last several months, he was diagnosed with cancer and was in a nursing home. He had stopped eating and was not willing to talk to anyone. We were pressed by the Holy Spirit to go talk to him that morning. He was sleeping, but we woke him up. He realized he did not have long to live. I leaned down close to his face and pressed the question to him concerning his eternal destiny. He clearly acknowledged he was a sinner and asked the Lord to save him. Forty hours later, he passed into eternity. If there is one lesson to learn from this encounter, it is never, ever give up on anyone who does not know Jesus. For as long as there is life, there is hope for those we love and care about.

The bonus for the month was having a young cousin visit and receive Christ as his Saviour following our midweek service. Jared is a changed man already. Please pray for his spiritual growth.

Please continue to pray for Shane’s health. It is a blessing to see him faithfully attending church. He has been inviting others to come as well.

Thank you again for your support. You are not forgotten. We continue to pray for your co-labor too.

Sincerely, in His service and for His glory,

Andrew and Laura Steers