Andrew Chafa Prayer Letter:  First Prayer Letter of DeputationAs I set out to write this, our first of many prayer letters, I am reminded of the importance of decisions. God has given us the freedom to make decisions, with each one having an impact on our lives. When we answered God’s call to the mission field in August of 2013, that decision vaulted us into the unknown in so many areas, but I am thankful for a God Who is faithful every step of the way.

While out soul winning, I met a man working in his yard. After talking for a while, I asked him about Heaven and found out he had some biblical knowledge but no idea if he would go to Heaven. As I carefully explained to him the Gospel and how he could know for sure from the Bible that Heaven would be his home, I noticed he became very serious. It was then that I realized he became aware of the gravity of the decision he was faced with. Praise God! He made the most important decision to trust Jesus Christ as his Saviour!

As we are busy doing eternal work, I think of Joel 3:14, “Multitudes, multitudes in the valley of decision . . . .” How exciting to be involved in such a great work!

Answered Prayers:

1. Consistently scheduling meetings
2. Selling our car and finding a deputation vehicle
3. Safety while traveling

Prayer Requests:

1. Souls saved (personally and during services)
2. Safety and protection
3. Productive meetings
4. To be a blessing to pastors and churches

Thank you to those who are praying! Please continue!

Andrew and Summer Chafa