Andres Nunez Prayer Letter:  Vacation Bible SchoolThank you, dear friends, for your prayers. We are doing well. At this time we are in Kansas. We arrived in the U.S. on the 13th of August after waiting for two days in the airport in Venezuela to catch a plane. I will go back to Venezuela on the 13th of September, if everything goes well. My wife and Andrea will remain in Kansas until the situation in Venezuela gets better. Please pray for us.

Our church is doing well. We celebrated our Vacation Bible School, and it was a great blessing to all of us. We were going to cancel it because of the food situation; however, at the last minute, the church met, and we decided to have it. Normally, we feed the children lunch during Vacation Bible School, but this time we fed them both breakfast and lunch. They all got prizes for being present. The church was very happy to see how the Lord supplied the need every day of the program. The highest attendance was Friday, with 72 children. We had a great result of 67 souls saved. Praise the Lord!

The church did a follow-up after the Bible School to a route we have been working for some time. This route did not come for Vacation Bible School because of the distance to the church. The church rented a bus and brought 30 new people to the church; 20 of these received the Lord as their personal Saviour. Praise the Lord
Please pray for the situation in Venezuela; I believe you already know what’s going on. Please pray for some elderly ladies in our church. They have arthritis, and they are without medication. I explained this to the Missionary Club at Amazing Grace Baptist Church with Pastor Olivas, and they will take care of the situation. Please pray now that I will have no problem taking it into the country. Thank you.

The church saw 739 souls saved and 2 baptized during the last 4 months. Amen!

Prayer Requests

• For health and safety
• For the Lord to supply the monthly support that we need
• For the salvation of the people of Venezuela


The Nunez Family
Missionaries to Venezuela