Andres Nunez Prayer Letter:  The Devil Is Mad, Amen!Thank you, dear friends, for your prayers. We are doing well. I hope you had a nice Christmas. We enjoyed a very quiet Christmas. We invited a member of our church to spend Christmas with us. We had a good-sized turkey leg, some pork, Venezuelan tamales, and a lot of goodies for dinner. We had some leftovers, which we saved for New Year’s Eve. Then, believe it or not, we had some leftovers after that, but we finally finished them. The Lord is good.

On December 22, my car got two flat tires. As of today, I have not been able to find even a used tire for my car. Please pray. I have been doing most of the chores outside the house. I have being traveling by foot and by bus. This week six people from our street were robbed outside the gate, and the bus stop was robbed two weeks ago. By the grace of God, we have being protected. Please keep praying for us.

Our church is doing well. We celebrated our Soul-Winners’ Banquet with good preaching and good food, just like a good Baptist church. We had a whole turkey that I bought in March 2015. I saved it in the freezer until the end of November. I only paid 1,800 bolivars for it, compared with the one we bought for the Christmas banquet for 10,000 bolivars for the same weight. We also had pork legs for both parties and many types of salads and goodies. We did not have any leftovers from either party. We also had two new families join the church! Praise the Lord!

Before we go soul winning on Saturdays, we have preaching. It was my turn to preach. I preached about staying humble as we try to reach souls that need to be saved. In Venezuela today, you never know in what situation a person is. Maybe someone in the family got killed or robbed. Maybe they could not find food. I was trying to teach my people to have an attitude of, “They are right, and we are wrong,” so as not to argue with them. While I was leading a lady to the Lord, a lady with mental problems came and stood up in front of us and started yelling at me, asking why I had looked at her with hatred. She let me have it for seven minutes. The lady I was leading to the Lord stood there to the end. She asked me to please finish what I started, so I led her to the Lord. Earlier that day, we had led 7 drunkards to the Lord. The Devil was mad for taking those souls away from him. I believe the Devil is not going to make soul winning easy, but the Lord is with us always. I will never forget that. Amen! The church saw 2,163 souls saved and 22 baptized during 2015. Amen!

Prayer Requests

• For the church construction—we are kind of slow because we do not have the materials we need.
• For health and safety
• For the Lord to supply the monthly support that we need
• For the salvation of the people of Venezuela


The Nunez Family
Missionaries to Venezuela