Andres and Martha Nunez Prayer Letter: Please Keep Praying for VenezuelaThank you, dear friends, for your prayers. We are doing well. I apologize for not being able to write this prayer letter sooner. I have been bothered by thinking what my future as a missionary in Venezuela is going to be. We are praying that the door will open soon before this year ends to go back to Venezuela to do the mission work that the Lord called us to do. At this moment, we are attending Faith Baptist Church here in Pensacola, and next week we will drive to Kansas to visit our sending church.

The church is doing well. They are meeting every other week. I send them a sermon that I prepare every week so that they can listen to it. Last Sunday, there were 19 people in attendance, which was very good. They are going soul wining on their own when they can.

Please keep praying for the situation in Venezuela, not just for the COVID-19 situation, because that is a global situation. It is the political situation in Venezuela that is forcing the Venezuelan people to keep immigrating to other countries in order to survive.

The prices for food and clothes change every week, and they always go up, never down. Many places charge in dollars, but Venezuelans do not get paid in dollars; they get paid in bolivars. This is bad for everybody.

We send, on behalf of you our supporting churches, two boxes of food and cash every month to help with the needs of the church. Thank you.

My wife and I have led 25 souls to the Lord, and 1 came to visit the church. Praise the Lord!

Prayer Requests

• For health and safety
• For the Lord to supply the monthly support that we need
• For the salvation of the people of Venezuela


The Nunez Family
Missionaries to Venezuela