Missionary #6703 Prayer Letter:  Bloom Where We Are PlantedGreetings from wet, stormy Jamaica! Here, the months of July through October are considered the hurricane season. The past few weeks have consisted of some variation of stormy weather. Lightening storms, high winds, and a lot of rain have been almost a daily happening, but we are thankful that we haven’t experienced any major hurricanes this season. We have suffered some personal damages but nothing to the extent of tears.

It is certainly hard to believe that we’ve been on this field for 14 months already! In so many ways, we have seen the goodness of God upon us and our ministry. We are so thankful to have great people, like you, making sacrifices, enabling us to bring the Gospel to the folks here.

We have been seeing people saved every single week, both personally and ministry-wide. God has been giving our church first-time visitors almost every week, and our attendance has been steadily increasing each month. A few weeks ago, we had 62 people present in church, making it our record high! The recent rains, however, have certainly dampened things a bit.

We currently have nothing new to report about our Indian immigration process, but we are still forging on and waiting on God’s timing. In the meantime we will continue to follow the old adage and “bloom where we are planted.”

We have been able to get a lot of refurbishing work done to the building we are currently meeting in. The old, dilapidated building is now more structurally sound and looks a lot better! Your giving has made it very possible. Our next project is to put in a baptistery in our building. Our current baptistery is the ocean!

November 5 will mark 23 years since Missionary Terrence McClure led me to Christ. Some of you invested in him and his ministry back then and are now doing the same with us. How thankful we are for your sacrifices. We are products of your missions investments!