Israel and Tonya Alvarez Prayer Letter: Third Anniversary of Church PlantWhat a joy it is to write this month’s prayer letter. We have had a wonderful past two months here working in the various ministries God has allowed us to be a part of. Our church services are basically back to normal, meaning pre-COVID normal. The feeling of normalcy is definitely a welcome sentiment after so many months of frustrating regulations.

Faith Baptist Church in Corozal celebrated its third anniversary in April. Seventy-five souls filled our little building; 15 of them were first-time visitors, and 10 received Christ as their Saviour. We were privileged to have Mr. and Mrs. Jim Belisle as our guests for that weekend. Our hearts rejoiced to see God’s house full of people listening to the beautiful Gospel message. This church has seen 4 converts follow the Lord in baptism during these past two months. Please pray that God would continue to show His might through the growth of this church.
As mentioned in our previous letter, we held our Missions Conference here in Orange Walk at Amazing Grace Baptist Church. Since we were unable to have any of our missionaries physically present, many of them sent videos, addressing our church and thanking them for their hard work in raising funds for their support. Churches from different parts of Belize were able to join us as well. A few pastors expressed a desire to learn and start a missions program in their own churches. What a blessing it is to be able to encourage fellow co-laborers to reach beyond their communities.
We want to express our gratitude to Grace Baptist Church in Flower Mound, Texas, for their generous love offering for the remodeling of our church building. Our desire is to install a false ceiling to keep the heat out, hopefully, during the services. Even with three air conditioning units installed, our auditorium is extremely hot and uncomfortable during the hottest months here. Please pray that this project would be a success and that this decision would give the desired results.
Our children’s meal program has been going well. We have moved to serving a hot meal each school day. Many of the smaller kids eat two or three plates of food, demonstrating the need for this program. Several of these neighborhood children have begun to attend our Sunday school program on Sunday evenings as well. Tonya and I were both reached for the Lord as children, and we can see ourselves in the faces of the children we minister to. Our prayer is that these children might know that we love them, but more importantly, that they would understand how truly loved they are by our God. Please continue to pray for this ministry.
For the last two months, I have been giving discipleship classes at the church of a pastor friend of mine in a village called Copper Bank. A few of my men and I make the hour drive each Friday. Ten adults have trusted Christ so far in this church. There is a great spirit among these new converts. Please pray for this church to continue to grow after the series of classes has ended.
I have an opportunity once again to preach weekly in the prison here. Due to COVID, I had to step back for over a year. What a privilege it is for this door to open again. Please pray for those who will hear the Gospel.
Our family is doing well and staying busy. Our three girls are counting down the days till summer break—just two weeks left!! We are so thankful for each and every one of our supporters. Please know that our hearts are here in Belize. Thank you for your love.
In Christ,
Israel Alvarez