Alberto Perez Prayer Letter:  Two New Families in Church!Dear Friends in Christ,

We salute you once again from Esmeraldas, Ecuador. This rainy season has hit our city hard, but we are still doing what we are supposed to do—making disciples! We thank God for people being saved and added to the local church and for the decisions new Christians are making in their lives. As a family we would like to thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support; we could not make it without your help! God has been so good to us; we rely on Him! Adriana’s school year was over in the month of February, and we were very proud to know that she was the second-best student in her class! Our other two kids, Emmanuel and Alanna, are doing great and growing taller!

During February we did a lot of remodeling in our building. Due to the rainy season, we had several water leaks, so we fixed them all. I’m glad I learned the skills in the construction area back in the States.

I was invited to preach a missions conference in Portoviejo, Esmeraldas, where Michael Lanchang is the pastor. I thank God for allowing me to be an influence somehow on other works and ministries in Ecuador.

March was busy and filled with different activities church-wide. We had our first ladies’ meeting with my wife, and they were really encouraged to fall in love with God more than ever. March 14-16, we were privileged to have Pastor Galo Montalvo teach at our Marriage Seminar. Although our church is very young, 16 couples attended the different classes. I am glad a brand- new family and a mother and son joined our church because of this activity! Praise the Lord!

March 18-21, we sent 3 kids from our church to a children’s camp in Santo Domingo. I could not be happier than to know that all 3 surrendered their lives to full-time Christian service! The following week I took 2 teenagers with me to a youth camp, where I was privileged to be the main speaker. The theme was “To All Creatures,” emphasizing world evangelism and the need of laborers into God’s Harvest. Your servant, along with Jesus Alanis and Michael Lanchang, saw the hand of God work in the lives of the teenagers. Their hearts were very soft and tender towards the preaching—29 souls were saved, and 32 surrendered their lives to full-time Christian service, including 2 couples who were helping at the camp. At the end, 90 teenagers went forward making decisions to be a “light to the world” by sharing the Gospel with others!

We are very thankful for the opportunity of representing you on the mission field!

Alberto Perez
Philippians 1:3-9