Alberto Perez Prayer Letter:  Thankful for the Uribe Family!We rejoice in God for bringing us the Uribe family from Mexico. They were with us for three months, working mainly in the work of Esmeraldas. We praise the Lord for touching their hearts and putting the desire in them to work as one of the pastors of our churches. We ask that you continue to pray for them as God provides us the necessary funds to fully financially support this precious family. They will be returning with their missionary visas in February 2015. We were able to accomplish several goals with them, such as the following:

• Started a new bus route in the south side of the city. Now, 25 brand-new Christians faithfully attend our congregation, 13 of them have been baptized in water, and six of them faithfully come out with us on a regular basis for personal evangelism.
• We were able to train new Sunday school teachers. Now we have some people on whom we can lean, people who have joined our team.
• Our teen program was revived. Now the teenagers have started to get involved in the different programs of the church, such as going soul winning; helping in Sunday school classes; doing different activities, such as selling food to make money to pay for their youth activities, etc. We praise the Lord for them!
• We were also able to build a tent-type temple with bamboo trees next to our main building so the children can have their own junior church program.
• We were able to receive our Ecuadorian permanent resident cards.
• We were also able to visit both of our families in Mexico and the United States as a family. We thank all of the churches that opened their doors for us to give an update of the ministry.
• In addition, we would like for you to meet our fourth child, Alyssa Rose. She was born on November 24, 2014. Mom, Daddy, and children are doing fine. Thank you for praying for Vicky and her recovery. A special thanks to Pastor Danny Ortiz and the church family of Lewisville, Texas, for the kind offering they sent to help us with the expenses of the hospital.

We share some many different memories we have made in Esmeraldas with our missionary family―Miguel, Patty, and Said, their son.

Welcome, Alyssa Rose!