Alberto Perez Prayer Letter:  Change of FocusI hope this letter finds you well. We are very excited to announce that Vicky is expecting our fifth child! Two different gynecologists have told us it’s going to be a boy! Our kids are going nuts with this news!

In the last letter, I mentioned our plans of going to the Galapagos Islands. Unfortunately, doors have not yet opened for us as a family; therefore, we have changed our focus. I cannot tell you in this letter all the different details, but we know God is in control of our future. We are currently praying for two different cities where we could start another work: Loja and Tulcan.

September 11 – October 18

As a family, we took a five-week mini-furlough/vacation (you name it!). It was a crazy one—in a good sense! We visited a few churches on our stops, driving crazy miles, but it was time well spent with family and friends. Although it was a ministry-relaxing type of time for us, we never ignored the opportunity to minister to others—at the airport, with family, while bringing people to church, while visiting families, etc.—always taking the great news of our Saviour.

Just a Quick Story

Last Saturday we were just back from our trip. We went to visit our missionaries in Esmeraldas with my parents; we took the kids to the river to spend time in fellowship. As we headed back to their house, my mom realized she had left her purse back at the river. We knew there were more people there, especially teenagers who were messing around. As I was heading back, I saw teenagers trying to escape with the purse and my mom’s cellphone. I yelled at them, saying, “If you take one more step, I’ll call the police. I need all my belongings back!” They ran away except for one; he had the cellphone. I grabbed him by the arm and said, “You aren’t going anywhere until you tell me where all my stuff is.” My dad grabbed another guy and just searched him all over to find more belongings. They were so scared. I tried to calm them down and explain to them that what they had done was wrong, and then I witnessed to both of them—Enrique and Hugo. I cried with them and told them we loved them and their country. I hope they went to church the next day.

Next week I will be taking two pastors with me to Loja. We are going to do a little survey trip and get in touch with other churches. We will be driving about 13 hours. It will be very productive and fruitful for us. We covet your prayers much during this time. We are very excited to see a new work starting prior to the end of the year. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call! I’ll be more than happy to give you details.

Alberto Perez
Philippians 1:3-9