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Missionary #6020 Prayer Letter: Bound to Thank God for You Always

Missionary #6020 Prayer Letter: Bound to Thank God for You Always“We are bound to thank God always for you, brethren . . . .” (II Thessalonians 1:3)

This verse has been especially true about our Chinese brothers and sisters in recent days. We are so thankful for the many people we have been able both to learn from and teach. We are so thankful for the precious times we are able to spend with many friends during these last few days.

“. . . because that your faith groweth exceedingly . . . .”

We are so pleased that the friends from Sunday morning are planning to continue meeting together. Please pray for wisdom during this quick, unexpected transition. We were also so happy to hear that our Chinese brother P___ is planning to go to Ghana to train for service! Please pray for his family and the many things that need to happen to make this possible.

On Sunday mornings, we often allow people to share praises. This Sunday, our neighbor raised his hand to share. This man, Mr. H, was led to our Friend by another Chinese man in our house a year or two ago. Mr. H said something like this: “My praise is really simple. My praise is that you led me to know God.” We are so thankful to be a small part of our Father’s big work!

“. . . and the charity of every one of you all toward each other aboundeth.”

We have been overwhelmed by the many gifts of love from our brothers and sisters and other friends. One example that sticks out is the gift from a neighbor. She and her family run a nearby shop that sells breakfast food. Her son has become a close friend with our boys, and after my wife shared the Good News with him, he chose to believe. Recently, his mom has come to our house more often. Although she used to grimace at the name of our Friend, her heart has been softening. Around Christmastime, we were able to show her a video about Him. Please pray that she would hear, understand, and receive our Friend’s gift. She came to our house Sunday night and listened to my wife say how much she loves peppermint tea. The next day, she brought us a box full of peppermint extract! For her, it was a big investment and a truly heartwarming gesture!

• Please pray for wisdom to correctly handle the details involved in moving around the world.
• Please pray for time and energy for the many last-minute meetings and goodbyes. Pray that we would speak for our Father and be a blessing.
• We are so thankful for the many things that our Father has already arranged for us in America. Please pray for Him to prepare the things we still need in our new place: house, car, etc.
• Please especially pray for the other teachers and their families. Many people’s lives have completely changed. Pray for our Father’s care and direction to be evident. Continue to pray especially for Mr. J and his family.
• Please pray for the man who will be leading on Sunday mornings. This is a big step, and he will need our Father’s help and wisdom! Pray also for all the brothers and sisters in this country. This is a challenging time for them.

That all the earth may know,

Missionary #6020 and Family

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