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Jon 7/28
Misty  10/11
Anniversary 6/14/1997
Kayla 12/17
Susanna 5/23
 Jonathan 11/6
Daniel 02/28

Growing up in a Marine Corps family, I often moved to new places.  But I considered Jacksonville, NC to be “where I grew up”.  At age 16, my family settled in Greensboro, NC.  As a 21 year old marine, lost, empty, and looking for purpose, I knew I needed to find God.  I stumbled into a place called Charity Baptist Church where I was saved in January of 1995.  Within a year, I had answered God’s call on my life to preach.  I also found my wife, Misty, there.  God has opened many doors for my family and me to serve Him.  I was the superintendent of Malachi Boys School, a home for troubled boys.  From there, I became an assistant pastor at Amazing Grace Baptist Church, under the leadership of Pastor Howard Owens.  God then lead us to pack up and head to Hyles-Anderson Bible College.

It was at Hyles-Anderson where I nailed down the location God would have us start a church…Jacksonville, NC, the home of Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base.  I pastored Coastline Baptist Church for 13 wonderful years.  I thought I would die serving God in Jacksonville.  Once again, however, God had other plans for my family.  We have surrendered to go start as many churches as He will allow us on the island of Puerto Rico.  I can’t wait to see what God has in store for our future!

Fellowship Baptist Church

515 Southerland Street, Durham, N.C.  27703



131 Gillis Road,
Maysville, NC 28555




You can financially support our family and ministry by giving here online, or you can mail checks to FBMI, 507 State Street, Hammond, IN 46320, and designate your giving to Missionary #205.


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Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter: A New Direction

Jon Wrightson Prayer Letter: A New DirectionFamily

I am thankful to report that the Wrightson family is doing well. Thank you for your prayers! It has been a pleasant but CRAZY transition from deputation to starting East Coast Baptist Church. It was one of the most difficult decisions of my life, but I know it was of God. I am sorry if this transition took you by surprise, and I understand if you felt the need to stop sending support. Thank you for your continued prayers though.

Soul Winning

God has been so gracious to my family, and there is no doubt it is because of the prayers of God’s people. We have had several opportunities to share God’s love with folks. I thank God for His willingness to use sinners like me.


East Coast Baptist Church was born on July 12, 2020. Praise the Lord! We knew a few families who were anxious for a church in their area, so we decided to go ahead and start with that handful. Praise God, we had 22 in attendance that first Sunday. God provided two, first-class conference rooms at a nice hotel, so we are able to have services in one and the nursery in the other. Having two grown daughters willing to keep the nursery is an extra bonus! Our tracts and visitor cards have arrived, so we will begin canvassing neighborhoods this week and look forward to seeing new faces.

As of now, because of using a hotel conference room, we are only able to have Sunday services. We have our morning service, break for lunch, and come back for an afternoon service. We are praying and searching for a more permanent building, as well as looking at options for starting a midweek Bible study. We are so blessed to have families willing to jump in and help us set up, take down, provide breakfast, knock doors, lead singing, sing specials, usher, work nursery—all the needs are being provided.

When we started Coastline Baptist in 2004, it was just my wife and I with three children, ages six and under. Having actual adult help with East Coast is such a blessing. The Sitorious family was reached when I pastored Coastline, and when Alex got out of the Marines, they moved to Hampstead and have been looking for a church. It has been such a blessing to have the awesome privilege of pastoring this dear family again.

Special Needs and Prayer Requests

A more permanent building/start of midweek service
Delilah Sitorious – eight-year-old with brain cancer
Ashely Sitorious (mom of Delilah) – surgery to determine if she has cancer


Pastor Jon R. Wrightson

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