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Scott Mercer Prayer Letter: Max Henry, Souls Saved, and Banana Boats!

Scott Mercer Prayer Letter:  Max Henry, Souls Saved, and Banana Boats!Max Henry, Souls Saved, and Banana Boats!

Max Henry is finally here! You can see from the picture that he is quite possibly the cutest baby on the planet! Seriously, though, we are just so thankful to God for giving us a healthy little boy! As you can imagine, Khloe, Kelsey, and Kara are in heaven. “Baby Max” is their baby brother, and they are quick to tell everyone they meet about him. God not only gave Kristi a very healthy C-section but also a quick recovery. She is not getting much sleep, as you mothers can attest to, but she is doing well.

Kristi’s parents, Pastor Brad and Heidi Cranston, came over for a month, arriving a couple days before Max’s birth. They were such a blessing to us and helped us with the girls while Kristi and I slept in the hospital. We were able to do a few fun things with them but mostly stayed inside and played with “Pop-Pops and Nana.”

Last month I had three opportunities to lead someone to salvation through Jesus: a teenage girl and an adult man, whom we met out soul winning, along with a young girl in our Junior Church, who had come for the first time. I believe the young girl was eight years old, but she was extremely aware. She had heard of Jesus but had not heard the Gospel and did not know why Jesus came to earth. I took her to II Corinthians 5:21, where the Scripture talks about God making Christ, Who knew no sin, to become sin that we might be made righteous. We talked back and forth about what it meant to become a Christian and what would have happened had Christ never come. I always enjoy talking to kids in Thai, because I am at their level in my language. They understand me well, and I have an easier time understanding them. Anyway, this young girl believed on Jesus and received eternal life through Him. It was such an awesome experience and made all things worth it. I would encourage each of you not to hesitate if you believe God is calling you to missions. Experiences like this bring us great joy and cause the things of this world to grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.

We had 11 children in Junior Church read through the book of Acts with us this last month. Pastor Tim and Mrs. Shook went along with these winners, and we rode banana boats on the ocean. There are few things more disgusting than a mouth full of salt after getting dumped into the ocean, but what an awesome time we had. We definitely plan on doing it again, and hopefully we can get more of the kids to participate next time.

Please pray with us for the Jomhong family–our Thai pastor Sakrapee and his wife Luck! While babysitting their five-month-old grandson, there was a fatal accident, and he went home to Heaven. It has been an extremely bittersweet month for our church. Bumin, the Jomhong’s grandson, passed away the same morning Max Henry was born. God has given much grace to our church, but every day is a struggle, especially for Bro. and Mrs. Jomhong and their son and daughter-in-law.

Thank you to each of you who keep up with us and to the many of you who contact us. We are so thankful for your support!

Scott Mercer

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