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Scott Birthday 09/09
Kristina Birthday 09/06
Scott & Kristina Wedding Anniversary 12/22
Khloe Birthday 07/23
Kelsey Birthday 09/02
Kara Birthday 05/24
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Scott Mercer Prayer Letter: “Full Strength,” Bible English Camp, and More!

Scott Mercer Prayer Letter:  "Full Strength," Bible English Camp, and More!

“Full Strength,” Bible English Camp, and More!

The outpouring of love has been overwhelming during the last couple months while Max has been sick. Our entire family, minus Kristi, came down with the flu, but since Max is just a few months old, his body did not recover. He ended up in the hospital for several days, which was quite a scare to us. We’re thankful for God’s healing hand, as Max is almost completely better.

Our family is just now settling down and getting back to normal. I am preaching each Sunday night through the book of I Corinthians, as well as Sunday mornings in teen class and Junior Church. This continues to expand my vocabulary by necessity. Kristi and I continue to learn through a tutor four days a week as well. It is so encouraging to be able to speak the language to minister rather than being attached to a translator.

Khloe is doing terrific in first grade, and Kelsey is following suit in preschool. As you can imagine, they both teach little Kara, who is quite the little Einstein . . . or so she thinks. 😊

Our Bible English Camp was such an awesome event this year. We had 60-plus kids this year, divided into four age groups. We held the camp at a Boy Scout camp in town. Santisuk Powsawan, a Thai pastor in Korat, Thailand, was our guest preacher. The kids absolutely loved his preaching. He preached on our theme, “The Cross of Christ,” and used such incredible illustrations to explain the Gospel to the children. Almost all of the children have attended our church, but it was an awesome opportunity for them to cement their faith in Christ.

This month was the one-year anniversary of the King of Thailand’s passing. His memorial service saw millions upon millions of Thai people go to services in every province. I went with a group from our church but was only able to wait four hours in a line that took nine hours to get though, just to put a flower down to pay tribute. The Thai people sure do love their King and royal family.

This last month we started a new series in Junior Church on the teachings of Jesus in Matthew. I bought each child a notebook for notes and crafts. Ms. Shari, Jack (one of our teenage boys), and I work together in children’s church. It is just so thrilling to see these kids grow in Christ through the Word of God. I often wonder what God has in store for these kids in the midst of this place of spiritual darkness.

Scott Mercer and Family

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