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Scott Mercer Prayer Letter: It’s a Boy! First Sermon in Thai! Teaching Children!

Scott Mercer Prayer Letter:  It's a Boy! First Sermon in Thai! Teaching Children!It’s a Boy, First Sermon in Thai, Teaching Children!

We are so excited to announce that, the doctor informed us, our fourth child will be a boy. We would have been thrilled with a fourth girl, but it’ll be nice to balance the scales a little bit.

Here Kristi is pictured with Caroline, a faithful member of our church who made this dress for Kara. Kristi is in much pain at times with a navel hernia, which the doctor cannot operate on until after the birth of our son. We would love it if you would add Kristi to your prayers.

This month was a huge milestone for our family. Ajan Sakrapee, our Thai pastor who translates in the main service, was in America at First Baptist Church of Hammond’s Missions Conference, which left us without a translator. On Wednesday night I was scheduled to teach on sanctification for our discipleship course. I preached in Thai; and Star, our Karen translator, translated into Karen. I have now been preaching in Thai for over a year in Junior Church, but to preach in the adult service was both terrifying and exciting. Kristi and I still have a ways to go with our language and continue to be tutored eight hours a week, but it was such a blessing to have the opportunity to preach without a translator. Our people were so excited and said it was very clear. What a blessing!

Our children in Junior Church continue to grow in the Lord through the Word of God. This month Pastor Tim has challenged every member, children included, to memorize the books of the Bible. Of course, many of our members already have them memorized, but many do not, especially the children in Junior Church. The day after the challenge was given, I got a video from Fatima, one of our faithful members. Her granddaughter Ben had memorized all 39 books in the Old Testament. It is so thrilling—and I do mean so thrilling—to see these sweet little children, whom God has sent to us, draw close to Him. This month we have been learning the story of Moses in Junior Church and how the Passover is a picture of salvation through the blood of the spotless Lamb of God. The children have really enjoyed this portion of Scripture and continue to grow in their understanding of salvation by grace through faith!

This last month we had many accept Christ and many get baptized, but one stands out. Kristi and I took Joop Jip, one of the teenage girls in our youth group out soul winning. We met a 15-year-old girl who was very open to talk to us. We introduced Joop Jip to her, and she really relaxed and started talking with us. As soon as we started talking, her older sister came up to move their food stand to the other side of the road, but rather than going with her sister, the teen girl told her older sister she would catch up with her later. She stood there and listened to the entire Gospel plan and excitedly accepted Jesus. We have found that soul winning with one of our teens really opens a door to talk with other teens.

Thank you all so much for your love and support!

Scott Mercer

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