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Micah is a third generation Christian who was raised in a Baptist church and graduated from the church school. He was lead through the Gospel as a four year old boy, but could not remember what was said. After his father’s passing and as a senior in college, he decided it was time to have a day he could remember with a clear presentation of the Gospel. Though his parents told him he was already saved, he needed a day he could claim. On January 19, 2016, at 2:19 PM; he personally accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. The following Sunday he followed in the believers baptism.

Arianna’s testimony: Arianna was born into a Christian home and heard the Gospel as a child. She was raised in a Baptist church in Canada, and she received assurance of salvation when she was twelve years old. She was baptized and God called her to be a missionary’s wife. 

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Micah Bull Prayer Letter: First Trip!

Micah Bull Prayer Letter: First Trip!God has been answering prayers! Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer. During the past two weeks, God allowed us to travel to Washington to be with a couple of churches.

While we were in Bellingham, Washington, we were able to be with Pastor Tavv Shaver and the people of Evergreen Baptist Church. Arianna has been friends with this church since she was young, so it was good to see familiar friends. We were able to attend the morning service, a Nursing Home Ministry, and the evening service. We also were part of the Wednesday night Bible study. During the prayer time, we prayed for a church member who was in the emergency room. The next day, God showed up, and the church member was sent home. He is truly the Great Physician!

The next week, we went to Wenatchee, Washington, to be with Pastor Kory Mears and the people of Apple Valley Baptist Church. We were able to be with them all day Sunday. Pastor Mears is a former veteran missionary himself (to the field of Fiji), and God called he and his family to come back to pastor his home church. Arianna and I had the honor of providing a dinner meal in our home for Pastor Mears, his daughter, and his son about a year ago. This time, Pastor Mears returned the favor and was a blessing to our family. It is amazing how God allows paths to cross for a purpose.

Coming up next, we will be traveling to Central Baptist Church of Jefferson City, Missouri, for a Missions Conference. This will be our first conference. Our second conference will be with Valley Baptist Church of Mesa, Arizona. Our third conference for the month will be with Landmark Baptist Church of Parkersburg, West Virginia.

Thank you for your continued prayer support! God is sure good!

Please pray for:

• The salvation of souls.
• The scheduling of conferences and meetings.
• Arianna’s adjustment of status.

With God’s love,

Micah and Arianna Bull
Furtherance of the Gospel

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