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Micah 3/10
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Micah is a third generation Christian who was raised in a Baptist church and graduated from the church school. He was lead through the Gospel as a four year old boy, but could not remember what was said. After his father’s passing and as a senior in college, he decided it was time to have a day he could remember with a clear presentation of the Gospel. Though his parents told him he was already saved, he needed a day he could claim. On January 19, 2016, at 2:19 PM; he personally accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. The following Sunday he followed in the believers baptism.

Arianna’s testimony: Arianna was born into a Christian home and heard the Gospel as a child. She was raised in a Baptist church in Canada, and she received assurance of salvation when she was twelve years old. She was baptized and God called her to be a missionary’s wife. 

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Micah Bull Prayer Letter: Everlasting Joy!

Micah Bull Prayer Letter:  Everlasting Joy!God has been helping us in a great way with documents and paperwork for Arianna. If it were not for God working behind the scenes, I believe we would be extremely stressed with all the new steps.

While we were home for the holidays, we visited Temple Baptist Church. My brother, Greg Bull, is a staff member there and attends with his family. Greg and April were kind enough to invite us to go out to eat with them, Pastor Conner, and a veteran missionary couple from Japan. The Bennett family has been serving the homeless community in Japan, and they have seen God change lives. They have seen God change a man who was suicidal and willing to take his own life; that same man is now helping to reach others like him. It was such an encouragement to hear that many people in Japan are ready to hear the Gospel. “Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few.” (Matthew 9:37)

In all honesty, there were ups and downs for us in December. Just before Christmas, our family went through a rough time. We were definitely fighting a spiritual battle. Grant it, we very much enjoyed celebrating the birth of Christ, but we believe Satan was doing all he could to take that joy. I am so glad that nothing can take the joy we have in Jesus and salvation! During the battle, God gave us joy by guiding us through the storm and giving us encouragement from someone we had never met before. After Christmas, we found out that Pastor Andrew Schmidt and the people of Central Baptist Church of Jefferson City, Missouri, will be taking part in the Furtherance of the Gospel. To God be the glory!

While out driving on errands recently, I saw a man named Blake working hard at digging a trench near where are staying. Blake is someone I formerly delivered pool supplies to for his and his father’s company. I never had the opportunity to witness to him during work, but I had the chance then. After witnessing to Blake, he told me that he was a Christian and had been attending a local church. He then assured me he would give the tract to someone who needed it. Though tracts were given, my former job did not permit time to give the plan of salvation. Please pray for more opportunities to witness to others similar to Blake.

Next, we will be attending our sending church’s Missions Conference and will fly out to Canada to be with Arianna’s family. While we are there, we will be presenting the work that God has for us in churches there. We will be with Pastor Brian Rice and the people of Cornerstone Baptist Church, and we will visit Pastor Jim Price and Vision Baptist Church.

Please pray for:

1. The scheduling of new meetings.
2. Souls to be saved.
3. Spiritual strength.
4. An unspoken request.

Thank you for your continued prayers and investment in our lives!

With God’s love,

Micah and Arianna Bull
Furtherance of the Gospel

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