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Micah 3/10
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Micah & Arianna 5/19/2017
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Micah is a third generation Christian who was raised in a Baptist church and graduated from the church school. He was lead through the Gospel as a four year old boy, but could not remember what was said. After his father’s passing and as a senior in college, he decided it was time to have a day he could remember with a clear presentation of the Gospel. Though his parents told him he was already saved, he needed a day he could claim. On January 19, 2016, at 2:19 PM; he personally accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. The following Sunday he followed in the believers baptism.

Arianna’s testimony: Arianna was born into a Christian home and heard the Gospel as a child. She was raised in a Baptist church in Canada, and she received assurance of salvation when she was twelve years old. She was baptized and God called her to be a missionary’s wife. 

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Micah Bull Prayer Letter: First Month of Conferences

Micah Bull Prayer Letter: First Month of ConferencesPraise God for all the blessings this month! Our first Missions Conference was with Pastor Andrew Schmidt and the people of Central Baptist Church of Jefferson City, Missouri. Pastor Schmidt allowed me to go soul winning with him on Saturday. During the conference, we were able to meet and spend time with the Lopez family, another missionary family candidate whom God has been using on the mission field for 15 years! We also met Dr. John Goetsch from Lancaster Baptist Church of Lancaster, California. We enjoyed getting to know the pastor and his family and the people of the church during the provided meals. We also stayed with my family and were able to spend time with them.

At our second conference, we were with Pastor Cowling and Valley Baptist Church of Mesa, Arizona. While attending the conference, we were hosted by the Banghart family. Matthew Banghart was one of my Sunday school teachers and mentors while I was a teenager attending Faith Baptist Church in California. Saturday, Bro. Rich and his two boys took me out to their bus route. Later that evening, Joey Diaz introduced some of his bus riders. On Sunday, I was able to be part of the Bus Ministry, Bro. Joey’s class, and the Primary Department. During the week, I had the honor of going soul winning with Dr. Siemer, Bro. Painter (missionary to Thailand), and Bro. Abel Ramirez. Bro. Abel and I had to relocate to another area, and God led us right to a man whom Bro. Abel had the opportunity to share the Gospel with in Spanish and lead to the Lord. God’s ways are higher than man’s. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:9)

While you read this letter, we will be with Pastor Mike Lamb and the people of Landmark Baptist Church of Parkersburg, West Virginia, at our third conference for the month. In the next letter, there will be more details about the conference.

Next, we will be traveling back to California for my mom’s wedding and Arianna’s appointment for her permanent residency. Please continue to pray for Arianna’s fast adjustment of status, traveling safety, and scheduling meetings. Thank you for all your love and prayer support! God could not be blessing us as much as He is without your prayers.

With God’s love,

Micah and Arianna Bull
Furtherance of the Gospel

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