Missionary Services Update

Helping people subscribe to your prayer letters is now easier than ever!

As many of you are already aware, when your prayer letter is published on the FBMI website, it is automatically sent by email to your subscribers. Many missionaries have begun to grow their list of subscribers by contacting our office or adding emails at the bottom of our home page.

Now, it is even easier for new friends to sign up to receive your prayer letters. On any missionary page, scroll down to the “Prayer Letters” section. After new subscribers enter an email address and name, they can simply click or tap “Subscribe” to receive all of that missionary’s prayer letters. When someone subscribes to your prayer letter, you will also receive an email notification.

Subscribe to Individual Prayer Letter

FBMI is able to manage your entire email list. If you have not yet used this service, please feel free to contact your Field Service Coordinator or the FBMI Home Office for assistance. Either way, this new feature allows anyone interested in your ministry to get your updates automatically without any extra work on your part.