Scott Mercer Prayer Letter: A Special Letter

Scott Mercer Prayer Letter:  A Special LetterA Special Letter

Several months ago a lady named Wan Pen and her grandson Jawp began attending our services. One of our faithful members had invited them, and they wanted to check it out. One Sunday afternoon after playing soccer, I gave Jawp a ride home. We began talking about his grandma. He told me that she was still a Buddhist but liked our church and enjoyed the fellowship.

Shortly thereafter, Pastor Tim preached a sermon series on demons and spiritual warfare. The spirit world here in Thailand is so much more conspicuous than it is in the States. Many of our members have horror stories of encounters with demons. Pastor Tim’s series helped to calm the fears that many of our born- again members carried.

The next week I again gave Jawp a ride home from church. His older sister Nome had come for the first time, and so she was along for the ride. When we got to their home, the two of them asked me a question, which I was sure that I had misheard. My Thai is far from perfect, so it is not uncommon for me to mishear someone. Jawp and Nome asked if I would help their grandma move the blue house out. What on earth were they talking about? I got out of the truck and went and talked to their grandma. Sure enough, she asked me if I could help move their blue house out. Then she pointed to the corner of the yard . . . to their giant, blue spirit house. It is hard to put into words the emotions that came over me. This dear lady wasn’t just coming to Jesus. She wanted us to remove her sacred, expensive idols! She wanted to receive the Holy Spirit in exchange for the spirits she had been worshipping for years.

Pastor Tim, Pastor Sakrapee, and I went to the house and held a small ceremony. We took the spirit house to the church and, after the next Sunday service, gave our members an opportunity to smash it to pieces. Many of our members took part, including Wan Pen and her grandson Jawp.

Two weeks later Wan Pen’s husband came to church for the first time. He trusted Christ and got baptized. I cannot remember a more glorious baptism in our four years here. Our members were shouting for joy and beaming ear to ear with excitement, none more that Wan Pen, Jawp, and Nome.

We have seen God work so much over the last several years, but this experience was like none other. What a great God we serve, and what an opportunity we have to serve Him in the midst of Satan’s stronghold.

Please continue to pray for our family, our team, our church, and especially for Wan Pen and her family.

-Scott Mercer

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